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From George Armhold <armh...@cs.rutgers.edu>
Subject small patch for custom cursors
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2005 23:02:45 GMT

There currently seems to be no way to replace the "default" cursor in
the canvas; it can be replaced temporarily via
UserAgent.setSVGCursor(), but the BridgeContext will replace it when
the mouse crosses another SVG element.  Some discussion of this can be
found in this thread:


I've included a patch below that allows the user to (re)define the
cursor mappings in CursorManager.  Also since BridgeContext was
hardcoded to use the constants in CursorManager, there is a small
modification for that class as well.

Thomas, would you consider accepting this patch?  I think I have
followed the "spirit" of the current sources with this patch, but if
not, of course feel free to make whatever changes you see fit.


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