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From George Armhold <armh...@cs.rutgers.edu>
Subject bug report against patch from 2004/11/29
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2005 10:08:38 GMT
I have a bug report to file against the following patch:

deweese     2004/11/29 19:23:58

 >   Modified:    samples/solitaire/script util.js
 >                samples/tests/spec/scripting rectResizeOnClick.svg
 >                         zeroSize.svg
 >                samples/tests/spec12/text flowText.svg
 >                sources/org/apache/batik/bridge
 >                         AbstractGraphicsNodeBridge.java
 >                         SVGUseElementBridge.java
 >                sources/org/apache/batik/dom/svg SVGLocatableSupport.java
 >                sources/org/apache/batik/ext/awt/geom SegmentList.java
 >                sources/org/apache/batik/gvt CompositeGraphicsNode.java
 >                         ShapeNode.java
 >                sources/org/apache/batik/gvt/flow LineInfo.java
 >                sources/org/apache/batik/swing/gvt JGVTComponent.java
 >                test-references/samples/tests/spec/scripting
 >                         text_content.png zeroSize.png
 >                test-resources/org/apache/batik/test samplesRendering.xml
 >   Added:       samples/tests/spec/scripting bbox.svg
 >                test-references/samples/tests/spec/scripting bbox.png
 >   Log:
 >   1) getBBox should now work per the specification.
 >      a) fill="none" will still give bbox
 >      b) It is now the tight bounds of the geometry
 >      c) It does not include the stroke anymore.
 >      d) When called on 'undisplayed' elements returns null (not sure
 >         what the spec really says about this).
 >   2) Modification of use element's width/height now works.
 >   3) Some fixes for flowText with soft-hyphens and the like.
 >   Revision  Changes    Path
 >   1.3       +3 -1      xml-batik/samples/solitaire/script/util.js

Since this patch, I notice problems when changing the "visibility"
property in dynamic documents.  I've attached a testcase that
demonstrates the problem.  It creates a document consisting of several
<g> elements, each containing a single horizontal line.  The
visibility attribute of each line is initially set to "hidden".  Then
after a pause, I set visibility="visible".

What *should* happen is that the page is initially blank, and then
after the pause the lines become visible.  Instead, what happens is
that usually the first line becomes visible, but the rest do not
become visible unless the canvas is resized (repaint.)  If you run
this code with batik prior to the 2004/11/29 patch, the code displays
correctly.  Unless I've misinterpreted something in the spec, I
believe this is a bug.

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