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From Andres Toussaint <and...@onemileup.com>
Subject Add IMAGE from BufferedImage into a loaded SVG Document
Date Sun, 13 Feb 2005 19:21:31 GMT
I want to add a thumbnail representation of my SVG document in the same 
document when a specific tool is selected, something like this:

1. Change "display" Atribute of TOOL handler layer to "inline" (to 
trigger a updateManager event)

2. Catch updateCompleted 


3. Get the thumbanil image by AffineTransform of the buffered image from 

4. Add the buffered image into my a SVG G Element (recuperated by a 
svgDoc.getElementByID("appendLocation")) in a <IMAGE> element. (This 
will be a added in the UpdateManager thread).

My Main question is: How is the best way to add this image into my document?

Right now the only solution i have is the following, but i think there 
may be a simpler solution:
Create a new Document and a SVGGraphics2D object, and paint into it the 
BufferedImage, and then use the Document.importNode to add the thumbnail 
into the first document.

Also, will doing this approach create a Embedded Image in my SVG? Or how 
is the reference to the Image handled? What format of image will be 
embedded (PNG, JPG,...)?

Any comment will be greatly appreciated.


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