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From Arian Hojat <armyofda12mnk...@gmail.com>
Subject updated question about svg filepaths. using batik in tomcat
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2005 11:39:29 GMT
Hello i posted a while back about my <image> tag references not workin
in a java servlet i made. I got around it on my windows machine/tomcat
server by using the absolute filepath to the image file to use in my
svg file, which then gets rasterized. but when i moved the code to
unix production server i forgot the paths dont work. so i use
bascially use unix abs paths when i encounter '/' and create tags like

<svg ...>...
<image x="0" y="0" width="100%"
xlink:href="/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/Watermark/WEB-INF/w.png" />
Anyway this saves a 0 kb jpeg, not seeming to save same as. but i am
still longing to get relative filepaths working and i got some batik
help from u all last time, but to no avail, i just went and used abs.

I have more info that might help you guys debug my problem.... when
using an image's abs filepath  (so a filenotfound exception definitely
doesnt occur), and rasterizing to just 'test.jpg' (relative save
path), it saves not to the webapps directory which is what i expected.
it saves to tomcat/bin. now am i doin something wrong? If anyone can
help again, it is much appreciated.

Arian Hojat.

 (if anyone has a simple servlet that saves an svg that uses relative
filepaths(to an image file pretend) and saves to a reltive location, i
would love to put it on my server and see if maybe its a server
setting and not my code),

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