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From Irene Heinz <irene.he...@web.de>
Subject Printing a part of a SVG
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 13:24:51 GMT

Hi all,

I implemented the printing function for SVG, using the transcoder, which works very well.
Now I am trying to print only the part of the SVG which is currently visible, and I am somehow
stuck. After some trial and error, my code is now as follows:

 PrintTranscoder prm = new PrintTranscoder();
 TranscoderInput ti = new TranscoderInput(graphic);
 Rectangle rect = svgCanvas.getVisibleRect();
 AffineTransform af = svgCanvas.getViewBoxTransform();
 double ax = 0;
 double ay = 0;
 AffineTransform ai = af.createInverse();
 ax = ai.getTranslateX();
 ay = ai.getTranslateY();
 } catch(NoninvertibleTransformException err) {

 double sx = af.getScaleX();
 double sy = af.getScaleY();
 Rectangle rect1 = new Rectangle();

 prm.addTranscodingHint(PrintTranscoder.KEY_HEIGHT,new Float(rect1.height));
 prm.addTranscodingHint(PrintTranscoder.KEY_WIDTH,new Float(rect1.width));
 prm.transcode(ti, null);

svgCanvas is of type SVGView.

I am already in the right region of the SVG, and the scaling seems to work, but I always have
an offset in x-direction. The printout is cut off at the left side. When I have an SVG where
some elements are labelled A,B,C etc. from left to right, I never see letter A in the print
(however, I see one letter more than on screen).

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this offset? Is there any better way of printing the
visible part?

Thanks, Thea

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