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From Ted.Clem...@apcc.com
Subject RMI: getElementByID returns null
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 18:56:53 GMT
We recently migrated from Batik 1.5 to v1.6 and noticed that the
SVGDocument.getElementById() method
was broken.  We are using RMI to stream the SVGDocument from a server to
one (or more) clients.

A little research showed that the elementsByID  list is marked "transient"
in the AbstractDocument:

      protected  transient  Map  elementsById

thus preventing RMI from serializing it.  The client's copy of the
SVGDocument has a "null" elementsById
list and therefore all calls to getElementByID return "null".

I was wondering what the reason was for marking this component "transient"
and if, perhaps there should
be a "reset() or rebuild()"  method to rebuild non-serialized components
(by walking the tree and rebuilding it).
(I assume that this list is for convenience / optimization, and therefore
wouldn't need to be kept in sync
with the "backend" version.)


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