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From Thomas DeWeese <Thomas.DeWe...@Kodak.com>
Subject Re: Batik for CAD
Date Sat, 10 Sep 2005 12:10:46 GMT
Hi Andreas,

Neumann Andreas wrote:
> so moving a layer would be really fast.  I've also done some work
> in implementing the 'static' property from SVG 1.2 which would allow
> you to indicate that the rendering engine should cache each layer
> in the document as a raster.
> that "static" or "cache" property would be potentially useful for 
> my projects as well! I also have to move complex groups (layers) 
> in my mapping projects. My use case would be to move a group 
> using the transform attribute where I know that the content does 
> not change while moving (dragging) it. During dragging it could 
> stay as a cached bitmap. Would that be possible with that attribute?

    Yes, this is the sort of thing it is designed for.  In an ideal
situtation the other 'layers' in the UI would also be marked static
so that the draw operation becomes a series of bit blits, potentially
with some extra drawing around the edges of the layer that is moving.

> How would I specify that attribute? Like this?
> <g transform="translate(56,0)">
> <!-- that transform is changed while dragging the mouse -->
> <g static="true">
> <!-- this group content is not changing -->
> </g>
> </g>
> or would I specify the static attribute in the outer group 
> and am still able to change the transform attribute while 
> dragging the mouse?

    In the implementation I am playing with you could do it on
either, without any real difference.

> How would you interpret the usage of this attribute?

    Well the spec says that even if the underlying content isn't
static everything has to render correctly, although things may
slow down (like the offscreen may be recreated from scratch
on every modification, although Ideally I'd like to be able
to update just the modified portion of the offscreen much like
we already do for normal dynamic rendering).

    Right now I'm just playing with it because in past tests
some of my approaches have not had any appreciable performance

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