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From "Steiner, Dominik" <Dominik.Stei...@gigatronik.com>
Subject clip-path performance / swapping SVGDocuments
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2005 09:02:53 GMT
Hi dear fellows,


I have another challenge, or actually there are 2:


1)       when I clone a  <g>-node (which has a lot of child nodes and is
expensive to build and render) buy adding a clip-path attribute to the
cloned node, but still the cloned and clipped <g>node when added to
another JSVGCanvas seems to take as much time as his unclipped clone. Is
there a way to optimize rendering/building with clipped nodes?

2)       I want to swap the SVGDocuments from 2 JSVGCanvases. How can I
achieve that the JSVGCanvas hasn't to build the GVT tree again? 

I do the swapping as following:


    SVGDocument document = canvas.getSVGDocument();

    SVGDocument viewerDoc = canvas2.getSVGDocument();






Thanks for your kind help. :-)



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