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From André Ávila <asan...@nextech.com.br>
Subject Re: Problem when printing SVG
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2005 14:27:37 GMT
Hello Thomas, and thank you for your time.

First of all I feel I should apologize to the list for posting from
different addresses. I was having problems posting with my Gmail account, so
I had to subscribe again with another address. Sorry for the annoyance.

> > TranscoderInput ti = new TranscoderInput(svgCanvas.getSVGDocument());
>    This is bad, this will break your SVGCanvas display if your
> document is in any way dynamic.

I don't plan to support dynamic documents at this time, so this should not
be a problem. However I'd like to know what's the alternative way to do it
as to leave that possibility opened. Could you point me any directions?

>    There were some fixes to the handling of margins since the Batik
> 1.6 release.  So I would suggest grabbing the latest sources and
> testing with that.

Indeed, the latest SVN solved the problem. Thank you very much for your
great work.

As a side note, I'd like to point that cropping problems still exist when
printing to PDF using PDF995 driver under certain conditions (the exact
conditions I was testing on, by Murphy's Law), but this is probably too
specific to deserve any attention from you guys. Anyway, it is most likely
an issue with their driver than with your code, so don't bother.

> > So, is there a "right" way of printing using Batik?
> > Or a preferred way, maybe?
>   The print transcoder would be it, but I don't know how widely
> used it is.  I think a lot of people generate PDF and then let people
> print that if they want...

I didn't have a good impression of PDFTranscoder. The output looks great,
but it seems to increase the memory usage of Batik by an unacceptable
amount. It actually looks like there's a leak, since the used memory keeps
rising all the time. When I removed it from my distribution, memory usage
became much more sensible. Do other people have the same experience?

Again, thank you very much for your interest. Your help has been invaluable.

Best regards,


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