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From "chandra srinivasan" <chandrasr...@hotmail.com>
Subject Urgent svg image rendering problem
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 16:24:13 GMT
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<P>Hi All</P>
<P>Even though this might be related to Adobe SVG viewer I wanted to check if anyone
has encountered similar problems. I need to fix this ASAP. please help. Thanks a million!!!</P>
<P>we are having problem loading an svg with image elements with a xlink:href pointing
to a web url.</P>
<P>when we load the parent svg it loads and renders fine but with no image icons. but
on right clicking and&nbsp;toggling Higher Quality&nbsp;pop up menu option or zooming
in or out&nbsp;renders the image icon fine. you can try this at <A href="http://www.nimblus.com:7001/tacplanner/client/impact/viewer/ImpactViewer.jsp"
target=_blank><FONT face="Courier New" size=3>http://www.nimblus.com:7001/tacplanner/client/impact/viewer/ImpactViewer.jsp</FONT></A>&nbsp;</P>
<P>select Site Name -&nbsp;bobc4 from the dropdown and View Type&nbsp; - Site
and click on Show Site button. you should see a svg file loaded on the right hand side frame.
now if you right click and toggle Higher Quality or zoomin/out the two image icons showing
letter B in red should show up.</P>
<P>anybody has any clue why this is happening? does the svg&nbsp;image element look
ok? &nbsp;you can look at the source by doing right click and view source. the image elements
are at the bottom of the source listing.</P>

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