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From André Ávila <asan...@nextech.com.br>
Subject Synchronizing JSVGCanvas
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2006 17:20:22 GMT

In my app, the user manipulates several versions of the same SVG file. Each version is a slightly
modified version of the original. The user must be able to see those files on top of each
other in order to visually identify the differences among them. 

The idea, then, is to render each version of the file to a different JSVGCanvas and diplay
those canvases as a stack of transparent components. I accomplished this by using a JLayeredPane
as the stack container. 

The problem is, how can I synchronize those canvases? I'm specifically talking about the interactors,
since the action listeners are simpler. Is there any way I can propagate a user interaction
in one canvas to the other ones?

Thanks for any ideas!
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