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From dvhol...@computer.org
Subject Antwort: RE: Antwort: String to SVGElement?
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 19:17:26 GMT
When the elements are 'flat' (no child-elements), i would invent some 
java-structure, fill it, send it with RMI and
use it on client-side to create the element. Hey - no need for flat 
elements - RMI can easily transfer object-trees.
XML as the transfer-format _seems_ to an advantage, because there's a lot 
of XML and DOM around in the SVG-world.
But thats an illusion: there may be support to serialize elements to 
XML-strings, but the reverse way requires quite much 
of a XML-parser. For me, XML is comfortable when I can use the integrated 
parser, tell him where the file is and have it transformed.

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