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From dvhol...@computer.org
Subject Antwort: String to SVGElement?
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 18:36:08 GMT

that looks like a tricky problem. I see no simple solution.
If I would have to design something like this I would try to go this 
- master and slaves (clients) start with the same document. So all have 
the same structure and id's.
- i would try to detect changes in the master element's attributes and 
propagate just that: id, attribute and new value.
- on client-side, I would locate the element by id and change the 

A problem is structural changes: where to put new elements? When they are 
within a <g> ?
That may be possible when you send the parent's id...

So it can be reduced to some basic operations:
- insert new element under a parent-element
- delete element(id) ( plus it's children)
- modify element-attributes
- add/delete attributes(?)

Maybe it's simpler to distribute the modification-commands (which create 
the dom-modifications) 
and do the same modifications in the clients.

DOM consistency is quite a challenge: namespace-things, valid 

If you can give some more details we may provide some more ideas.

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