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From "Bishop, Michael W. CONTR J9C880" <Michael.Bis...@je.jfcom.mil>
Subject Parsing String data into an SVG document?
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2006 18:02:37 GMT
If I receive a snippet of XML as a String, I'd like to create an
SVGDocument from it.  The ultimate goal is to import it into another
document.  In the case of whiteboarding over XMPP, I receive the


<rect x="10" y="10" width="10" height="10"/>


I'd like to use the SAXSVGDocumentFactory to load this as an
SVGDocument.  The only way I can see how to do this is to provide a URI.
Is there a way I can go from String data to SVGDocument?  The ultimate
goal is to receive a String and import it as a Node in my whiteboard.
My solution was to create an SVGDocument based on the String data, then
import the node from one document to the other.  I'm struggling with
going from String -> DOM.


Michael Bishop

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