please ignore my previous reply. I already found the jar file you told me, and the nighly build is now working perfectly with me. Thanks a lot. This is a life saver.

On 6/24/06, philip zuniga <> wrote:
Hello sir,
Thanks for the reply . I googled xml-apis-dom3.jar, so that I would know where to find it, but I could not find it. Does this jar file belong to the distribution that can be downloaded from the subversion?

On 6/24/06, Cameron McCormack <> wrote:
Hi Philip.

philip zuniga:
> I am currenlty trying to test the current nightly build of batik. I hope to
> be able to use the most updated copy for my application. But when I ported
> from my old version (1.5), to current build, I am obtaining the following
> error:
> java.lang.Exception : org/w3c/dom/events/CustomEvent
> at Source)
> Would any one here know why the erro occurs and how I would be able to
> remove it?

Since 1.5, DOM Level 3 Events was implemented in Batik.  The
xml-apis-dom3.jar file which should be loaded when you run your
application includes the CustomEvent interface, so if you make sure it
is on the class path it should be ok.

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