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From Joel Uckelman <uckel...@ellipsis.cx>
Subject Re: setting rendering quality when using a Transcoder
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2006 12:53:26 GMT
Thus spake thomas.deweese@kodak.com:
> Hi Joel,
> uckelman@ellipsis.cx wrote on 09/18/2006 08:08:40 AM:
> > [..] I don't see a way give rendering hints
> > to the Renderer that my ImageTranscoder will use (at least not without
> > reimplementing more of ImageTranscoder than I'd like). Is there a
> > simpler way to do this?
>    The simplest thing to do is to set one or more of the SVG rendering
> hints on the root SVG element before you give it to the Transcoder
> (shape-rendering, image-rendering, etc - look them up in the SVG
> specification).

I wasn't sure whether Batik supported those. I'll give those a shot.
> > The reason I'd like to do this is to try rendering with the
> > VALUE_RENDER_QUALITY flag on to see whether that improves rendering
> > quality much.
>    Batik's baseline rendering generally has the 'high quality'
> settings set.
> > In general, what can I do to improve rendering quality? The SVG I'm
> > displaying using Batik looks better in Inkscape (where I created it).
>    Can you give an example of what is problematic?  In general Batik
> has fairly high quality rendering, so I am surprised that you are
> seeing problems.

Have a look here, at this screenshot:


The square tokens are SVG which has been rendered to BufferedImages.
For comparison, here is a PNG rendered by Inkscape from the same SVG:


I have three complaints about the rendering:

1. Some elements seem to be squashed by Batik. Look in particular at the
wheels on the American infantry batallion icons (green squares) in the
center of the screenshot.

2. Some elements are offset from where I expected them to be rendered.
Look in particular at the German artillery battery (field grey square,
directly south of the leftmost yellow square). Something is misaligned,
since the middle upright is suposed to be centered between the outter two.
(And is in the SVG as rendered by Inkscape.)

3. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks, but the Batik-rendered images seem
a bit blurrier than the the ones from Inkscape.


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