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From Shamjith K V <shamjithkv2...@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject Doubt Reg: Garbage Collection in JSVGCanvas
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2006 11:31:48 GMT
I have a doubt in the garbage collection in JSVGCanvas.
My doubt is if I reuse a JSVGCanvas for rendering a different svg
file, whether the memory used for the previous svg will be 

What I meant is:
If I have a first case like,    
svgCanvas.setURI(new java.io.File("test1.svg").toURL().toString());
 ..and in a later time I use the same JSVGCanvas object

svgCanvas.setURI(new java.io.File("test2.svg").toURL().toString());
Whether the memory allocated for the previous canvas will be released?.

What I found was that, after setting the URI to a new one, the memory used by the particular
process is increasing(even if the svg file content is same the difference is only in file

Please suggest me a solution.

Thanks and Regards,

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