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From "Redefined Horizons" <redefined.horiz...@gmail.com>
Subject SVG Editor for Cartography with batik...
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2006 22:51:56 GMT
I work as a project administrator and developer on an open source GIS
program.The program lacked an effective way to produce maps from the
spatial data until one of our developers created a plug-in that allows
us to export our map data as SVG. (He used batik for the plug-in.)

We are currently using Inkscape to create maps from the exported SVG
data. I've even contacted the Inkscape developers to find out about
adding some CAD/Cartography tools to the program.

However, I was looking at batik on the web today, and I think it might
be possible to create an SVG editor for our maps in Java.

I would need to import the exported SVG files into the editor, and
then allow the user to edit the shapes and add other graphics.
(Annotations, labels, north arrow, scale...) So I do need something
more than an SVG viewer.

Is it possible to build such an application using batik, and what
would be the major obstacles? Could I extend Scribble or another
existing open source SVG viewer that is written in Java and uses

Thanks for the information.

Scott Huey

P.S. - Any of our work on a SVG Editor using batik would be released
under an open source license.

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