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From "Henric Rosvall" <hen...@opv.se>
Subject flowRoot and Batik
Date Wed, 01 Nov 2006 14:26:21 GMT
Hi !
I really can't get editing of flowRoot-objects to work with JSvgCanvas.
I've tried with both  Batik 1.6 and the last two SVN-releases (released
2006-08-17 & 2006-08-26), but none of them seem to support editing och
creation of flowRoot-objects.
When I load an existing SVG into my subclassed JSvgCanvas, it displays
fine, and when I use the official Batik 1.6-release, I can even
transform the object, change the font, color, size, and so on. What I
can't do, is change the text itself. If I remove the flowPara-objects,
and insert new ones, nothing happens on the canvas. The data of the
objects is changed, but the canvas has no idea and still displays the
old text.
I even became so desperate to get this working, that I cloned the
existing flowRoot-object, change the text in the clone, deleted the
original, and then inserted the modified clone. But all that happens is
that the old object is removed from the canvas, but the new object isn't
visible. If I then save the SVG to file, and open it in my app, the new
object is diplayed just like it should. So the code I have doesn't seem
to be erraneous, since it produces correct SVG-code. Instead it seems
like the JSvgCanvas simply lacks a number of events, so it simply
doesn't get the notifications that something has changed.
Is there some way to solve this?
Cause I really have no idea how to create editable multiline-objects
without a working flowRoot-object (and using tspans in a text-object
really isn't an option).
Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
Henric Rosvall

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