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From thomas.dewe...@kodak.com
Subject Re: 'svg:' prefix for elements in generated SVG-output
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 10:55:41 GMT
Hi André,

andreruediger@web.de wrote on 11/03/2006 04:51:12 AM:

> Batik works great for me except one little problem that I'm unable to 
> I'd like to apply the 'svg:' prefix to all the elements that Batik 

   Well the SVGGraphics2D isn't really designed to do this.  I should also
say that this really shouldn't be needed, the root of the SVG tree
it generates sets the default namespace (namespace's and prefixes can
change through out a document).

   That all said, the easiest way to do this would be to create a
subclass of our batik.dom.svg.SVGOMDocument class and override the
'createElementNS(String ns, String tag)' to pre-pend "svg:" to 'tag'
before calling the baseclass 'createElementNS' function.

> What I currently do is:
>   DOMImplementation domImpl = 
>   String svgNS = SVGDOMImplementation.SVG_NAMESPACE_URI;
>   org.w3c.dom.Document doc = domImpl.createDocument(svgNS, "svg:svg", 
>   ImageHandler imageHandler = new DefaultImageHandler();
>   ExtensionHandler extensionHandler = new DefaultExtensionHandler();
>   SVGGeneratorContext ctx = SVGGraphics2D.buildSVGGeneratorContext(
>                 doc, imageHandler, extensionHandler);
>   SVGGraphics2D g = new SVGGraphics2D(ctx, false);
>   // draw shapes
> I played a bit with DOMImplementation.createDocument() and tried several
> variants ("svg", "svg:svg", ...) for the qualifiedName-Parameter, but
> nothing did work.

   This is just setting the root SVG Element's tag name....

> I'm going to integrate the output in further transformations and I'm 
> trouble with namespaces. I would highly appreciate if someone could help 
> setting the prefix correctly.
> Thanks a lot for your help! (And sorry for the bad English...)

   The Engish was fine.

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