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From thomas.dewe...@kodak.com
Subject Re: flowRoot and Batik
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 00:25:06 GMT
Hi Henric,

"Henric Rosvall" <henric@opv.se> wrote on 11/01/2006 09:26:21 AM:

> I even became so desperate to get this working, that I cloned the 
> flowRoot-object, change the text in the clone, deleted the original, and 
> inserted the modified clone. But all that happens is that the old object 
> removed from the canvas, but the new object isn't visible.

   This sounds like you aren't make the changes to the canvas in
the UpdateManager thread...

> If I then save the 
> SVG to file, and open it in my app, the new object is displayed just 
like it 
> should. So the code I have doesn't seem to be erroneous, since it 
> correct SVG-code.

    This tends to be a poor test since serialization can fix a number of
Namespace bugs.  But I don't think this is really your problem.

> Instead it seems like the JSvgCanvas simply lacks a number 
> of events, so it simply doesn't get the notifications that something has 

   This is entirely possible.  I don't know that the Flow Text stuff was
ever fully hooked into the dynamic change support.  That said adding a new
flowRoot element should work.

> Is there some way to solve this?
> Cause I really have no idea how to create editable multiline-objects 
without a
> working flowRoot-object (and using tspans in a text-object really isn't 
an option).

  This should not be really hard to fix but I won't have time to look at 
in the near future.

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