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From Michael <zoomx...@yahoo.com>
Subject New to Batik/SVG: A Re-render vs. Repaint Question
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2007 15:13:44 GMT
I have a group (<g>) of objects that are shown within a viewBox. The idea
is to scroll through the group using the keyboard, highlighting the objects
within a colored rectangle, then selecting one of the object and sliding a
bigger version of the selected object into view. The scrolling,
highlighting, and selecting all work fine (I can get and set attributes,
update on the event thread using UpdateManager calling my Runnable, which
just calls immediateRepaint()).

However, my "sliding in" of a new object doesn't seem to work (I'm sure I'm
doing something wrong).

I'm using an animateMotion tag inside the <g> (the bigger objects are also
within a <g> and have an animateMotion tag). I can programmatically change
the path attributes but repaint does nothing. The funny thing is, I can
use straight javascript and SVG to do exactly what I want, load it into
Opera and it works fine (no javascript in the version loaded into Batik).

Then it occurred to me that maybe animation needs a re-rendering of the
document. But after Googling for a solution, it appears that the
UpdateManager is listening to the GVTTree for such an event and should do
this automatically (GVTTreeBuilderListener and GVTTreeRendererListener are
both registered on my JSVGCanvas).

Any help would be appreciated. I'm using Java version 1.4.2_12 and Batik
1.6 on OS X (10.3.9, fully updated).


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