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From "Henric Rosvall" <hen...@opv.se>
Subject Printing filters
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2007 11:20:37 GMT
Hi !
Is the PrintTranscoder unable to handle filter-effects?
Cause I've noticed some weird behaviour from the PrintTranscoder when
having filters in my SVG. It seems that as soon as a filter is used
somewhere, the entire page is rendered as a low res bitmap, before it's
sent to the printer. This means that not only does text get jagged, but
the 300 DPI images on the JSVGCanvas look really bad (like 50 DPI-bad),
and the page takes roughly 90-120 MB instead of 10-30 MB (depending on
what images are loaded).
But as soon as I stop using filters, it all works like it should.
Any idea of how to solve this, or is my application always going to have
to ban all filter-effects?
No filters on the page, great looking print, 12,2 MB

Simple filters on the background-rect and on the text, crappy looking
prints, 99,8 MB

Henric Rosvall

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