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From "Bishop, Michael W. CONTR J9C880" <Michael.Bis...@je.jfcom.mil>
Subject RE: JSVGCanvas.setRenderingTransform()
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 21:06:52 GMT
It sounds like you're trying to scale around a certain center point:
Given a center point (x,y) and scale values sx, sy, you derive translate values tx and ty:
tx = -x * (sx - 1.0);
ty = -y * (sy - 1.0);
translate(tx, ty);
scale(sx, sy);
Michael Bishop 


From: randy.kunkee@us.abb.com [mailto:randy.kunkee@us.abb.com]
Sent: Tue 4/17/2007 4:10 PM
To: batik-users@xmlgraphics.apache.org
Subject: JSVGCanvas.setRenderingTransform()

I hope somebody can shed some light on this. 

Basically, I want to do in software what could be done with a control-drag-mousebutton1. Seems
like there could be a simple interface to call to do this, but I haven't found it yet. 

I'm trying to implement what I call a "pre-zoomed" SVG file. In my SVG file, I have added
an element <x:defaultpicturesize viewBox="x y w h"/>. 

Since I haven't found a call to "zoom it to this box", I tried using setRenderingTransform().
After loading the SVG file (and after gvtRenderingCompleted() is called), I look for this
element.  If I find one, I create an AffineTransform and call setRenderingTransform() 

The problem is that this thing does not do what I expect it to. 

It is easy enough to center up the picture (if that's all I wanted to do). I simply calculate
the difference between the center of the <svg:svg viewbox="..."> and the center of my
desired viewbox. This is straightforward and produces a view that looks close to centered
(but clearly is not exactly centered). 

When I apply a scaling transformation things go very off. First of all, scaling appears to
happen based on the upper left-hand corner of the picture. For example, if I only scale (say
2x) what previously was in the upper left-hand corner now fills the entire display. 

So I think, translate the upper left-hand corner of the desired viewbox to the x and y of
the <svg:svg> viewbox and then scale. Still not right. Then I think, okay, it's scaling
first so my translation values actually need to be multiplied by the scale factor - better
but still not right. 

What am I missing here? Seems like this should be an easy thing to do. 


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