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From Kenneth McDonald <kenneth.m.mcdon...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Various newbie questions about batik
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2007 05:52:01 GMT
In spite of the length of the questions, I've tried to ask them in such 
a way that they can be answered with a "yes", "no", or
single line or URL reference...:-)

1) Are there any batik examples out there that illustrate receiving 
events (mouse events, keypresses, etc.), and then dynamically
updating the SVG DOM in response so the user sees some result? 
Basically, using Batik as a user interface. In general, I'm
in serious need of sample code that uses Java to script Batik documents.

2) I'm considering using Batik as the rendering engine for what will be 
a specialized text editor. Obviously, I'll need to write
my own code to do text layout, as (to my knowledge) SVG doesn't offer 
any automated layout capabilities at all. (I'd be happy
to be contradicted). Now let's say I have layed document consisting of a 
hundred paragraphs, each represented as an SVG box
and each containing, say 200 individual bits of text, where each bit of 
text is a single SVG element. If I, say, resize the top paragraph
to account for a word deletion, and then move the remaining paragraphs 
up, will Batik be
able to do the re-rendering needed quickly enough to make the change 
look 'instantaneous' to a user?

3) Max document size would probably be, say 20,000 words each 
represented as an individual text elements, plus maybe
another 20,000 elements used in charts. (Actually, it probably wouldn't 
be anywhere near that, but let's plan for growth here :-) )
Will Batik be able to handle this amount of data reasonably?

4) Any recommendations for good SVG ref/tutorial sites or books? There 
are many out there, but most seem rather wordy
and explain the obvious and simple, while ignoring the deeper and more 

If I can get examples of (1), then I can answer (2) and (3) pretty 
easily myself, by writing a few tests in JRuby. I'm afraid that
at the moment, my brain's stubborn refusal to engage means that reading 
the Batik API documentation isn't translating into
a knowledge of how to construct, display, and manipulate SVG documents 
in Java. Bad brain! Once it sees some sample
code, I'm sure it'll be more cooperative.


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