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From Luca Piccarreta <luca.piccarr...@gmail.com>
Subject Two Batik errors
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2007 02:05:48 GMT
Hi all, I just joined this mailing list.
I hope this is correct place for sending error reports.

The first one is very simple:
In DomMouseEvent.initMouseEvent(...) the line:
        modifierKeys = new HashSet();
is missing, at least I think.

The second one is more involved, and it has been signaled quite a
long time ago in bugzilla:
shapes that use gradients are not changed when the gradient is changed.
I understand there are workarounds, but anyway this might be a tentative
- gradients and stops fire an event "BatikCustomGradientEvent" whenever 
they're changed
- gradients that refer to other gradients listen to that event and 
re-dispatch it
- elements that use a gradient listen for that event on the gradient
the missing case is "changing the id of a gradient to a value already 
set on an element fill/shape".
This might be tricky but feasible, anyway, and maybe cleaner than having 
back-pointers from
gradients to referring elements.


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