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From "Lars Eirik Rønning" <larsei...@gmail.com>
Subject Manipulation of existing svg document
Date Wed, 28 May 2008 07:08:03 GMT
I have an existing svg document where some of the nodes act as placeholders.
Basically these placeholders will be replaces with base64 encoded images.

1:Are there any convenience methods for adding images to an svg document or
do i have to manually base64encode the stream and add all attributes such as
widht and height?
I have already added an element using the SVGConstant for Images, but to mee
this still looks like its more or less the same as using any other

If there are any guides or tutorials to using dom for handling images i am
very happy to receive some pointers..
2:One of my concerns is that i probably have to add the transformation
matrix myself. I was hoping that there could be some convenience methods
which would help me on my way for doing these types of operations.
Is the transformation matrix necessary in order for the image (or any
element) to be visible in a svg document?

Thanks for helping!

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