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From Jeremias Maerki <...@jeremias-maerki.ch>
Subject Re: SVG Image Fonts in fop
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2008 09:58:30 GMT
For reference, here's the thread on fop-users:

Barry, I don't think we've sent you here. This is a FOP issue (as long
as the PDF transcoding code resides in FOP). Anyway, your thread ended
with your asking if you should install the fonts on the server. I don't
like constantly asking questions with "Yes." if you could just have
spent 2 minutes actually doing that and trying out the result. Just to
let you know: With your test files I've been able to get non-stroked
text when I have the necessary fonts installed on both the operating
system and FOP's configuration (FOP 0.95). Actually, I just used
<auto-detect/> in the configuration. Good luck.

On 17.11.2008 10:33:08 Barry Whiting wrote:
> Hi 
> I wondered if anybody could help at all here please.
> I have a SVG image that has been saved into a file and is placed as a
> background image inside a pdf file using fo and the fop engine.  
> I have tried embedding the fonts into the pdf but the svg still does not
> retain correct fonts when rendered in the pdf.  I have posted on the fop
> forum but they pointed me in this direction as they let me know that
> batik actually handles the image in fop.
> If you could help me try to solve this I would be eternally grateful.
> Thanks
> Barry

Jeremias Maerki

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