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From "G. Wade Johnson" <gwa...@anomaly.org>
Subject Re: Issue with handling JSVGCanvas updates asynchronous
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2008 14:49:06 GMT
On Thu, 27 Nov 2008 10:09:23 +0000
"Helder Magalhães" <helder.magalhaes@gmail.com> wrote:

> > Are 80 changes per second to much for batik?
> As far as I know, this number of changes will be typically more than
> feasible for Batik. Nevertheless, I can imagine it will (tightly)
> depend on the available hardware, complexity of changes and/or canvas
> complexity. Best will always be conducting few tests using a prototype
> application.
> Nevertheless, I did some performance research [1] a few months ago,
> although (unfortunately for answering your question) not exclusively
> focused in Batik. Changing a single properly for about 250 objects in
> a canvas I'd consider graphically simple (hundreds of objects but no
> CPU intensive stuff such as animation, gradients, text, etc.) was
> pretty efficient, even compared to other native SVG implementations.
> These manipulations are done through scripting (within the SVG scope),
> so updating from the Java environment should be even quicker. ;-)

I'm currently working on some performance testing of the SVG viewers
that I have available on my platform. Once I finish the writeup I plan
to publish it on my website.

The results have been quite a bit better than expected.

As you say, it very much depends on the complexity of the image and the
changes. However, 80 changes a second is not impossible for Batik.

I'm not really sure that we can perceive changes at that frequency
(isn't video somewhere around 30/sec). If the speed is too much, you
might be able to batch changes and update them at a slightly slower

G. Wade
As a software development model, Anarchy does not scale well.
                                                       -- Dave Welch

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