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From "Helder Magalhães" <helder.magalh...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Cannot build rasterizertask
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2008 09:58:33 GMT
>>ant -version
> Apache Ant version 1.7.1 compiled on June 27 2008

Weird... Please note that Batik already ships Ant (/lib/build
directory) so you shouldn't need a separate copy. I guess the build
scripts (build.bat/build.sh) take care of setting the ANT_HOME
whenever not detected as already installed and configure through the
environment variable.

Don't forget this small detail (from the rasterizer task README file):

  NOTE: Due the internal changes in Ant itself the rasterizer task may not
  work if the Ant in use is a different version from the Ant used to build
  the task. Use the same Ant version to build and to execute task to avoid
  strange problems.

> Please help fix this problem. I really don't understand why it can't
> just work "out of the box".

Please change, within build.bat (of rasterizer task):

SET CP=%JAVA_HOME%\lib\tools.jar;%ANT_HOME%\lib\build\ant_1_4_1.jar;%BATIK_HOME%\lib\build\crimson-ant.jar;%BATIK_HOME%\lib\build\jaxp.jar

To (assuming Ant version 1.7.1 you stated to have):

set CP="%JAVA_HOME%"\lib\tools.jar;%ANT_HOME%\lib\build\ant-1.7.1.jar;%ANT_HOME%\lib\build\ant-launcher-1.7.1.jar;%BATIK_HOME%\lib\build\crimson-1.1.3.jar

Or (assuming Ant version 1.6.5 shipped with Batik)

set CP="%JAVA_HOME%"\lib\tools.jar;%ANT_HOME%\lib\build\ant-1.6.5.jar;%ANT_HOME%\lib\build\ant-launcher-1.6.5.jar;%BATIK_HOME%\lib\build\crimson-1.1.3.jar

It's working here now (Windows). Please try again...  ;-)

Batik developers: should a bug+patch be inserted into the bug tracker?

Hope this helps,

  Helder Magalhães

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