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From Stuart Pook <m...@pook.es>
Subject Re: batik & maven: who has a pom.xml?
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2008 15:02:52 GMT
On 19/11/08 12:35, Helder Magalhães wrote:
> Please consider contributing improvements to bug reports (updated
> attachments or patches, for example) if you need make some changes to
> the information (which may slightly outdated).

I guess that I didn't ask the right question as most of what is required to deploy batik with
maven is already provided. I just needed to use the maven target in the ant file. After running
that I found the pom.xml files and the jar files in batik-1.8pre/maven/*/1.8pre/. Then with
a little script (see below) I was able to deploy to my local maven repository. Does that seem


#!/bin/sh -e
cd $HOME/eclipse/xml-batik/batik-${version}/maven
for i in *
	cd $i/${version}
	mvn $args \
		-Durl=http://maven:8080/archiva/repository/internal \
		-DrepositoryId=archiva.internal \
		-Dfile=$i-${version}.jar \
		-DpomFile=$i-${version}.pom \
		-DgroupId=org.apache.xmlgraphics \
		-DartifactId=$i \
		-Dversion=$version \
		-DgeneratePom=false \

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