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From Wulf Berschin <bersc...@dosco.de>
Subject Squiggle: Windows Symbol Characters
Date Tue, 10 Mar 2009 14:49:58 GMT
I'm using Squiggle on Batik 1.7 for displaying SVG graphics an just 
wondering why some symbols are shown and others not where other SVG 
viewers show the expected symbol (e.g. Wingdings)

As I found out characters encoded as "native" Private Use Unicode 
characters (U+F020 ... U+F0FF) are rendered correctly by Squiggle the 
(same) symbols encoded in the "ANSI area" U+0020..U+00FF are substituted 
by the default font.


<tspan style="font-family:'Wingdings 
2';font-size:14px;">&#x00E0;</tspan> <tspan 
style="font-family:'Wingdings 2';font-size:14px;">&#xF0E0;</tspan>

The first shown character is an à the second is the desired asterisk.

When I load the same SVG into e.g. Visio both characters are are astersiks.

I'm not sure which is the correct represantation is correct, but afaik 
Windows (Office?) does transparantely map the lower symbol characters to 
the upper PU-Area.


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