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From thomas.dewe...@kodak.com
Subject Re: Unable to remove event listener
Date Sat, 28 Mar 2009 12:24:28 GMT
Hi Age,

Age Bosma <agebosma@gmail.com> wrote on 03/27/2009 05:30:33 AM:

> I've determined that the cause of this issue is the pointer event
> changes on deviceElement. First setting it to none on mousedown and
> setting it to all again on mouse up gives this problem. If I leave the
> pointer event as is, all works like expected.

   I'm fairly certain that modifying the pointer-events property works
in Batik.  So I suspect the issue is most likely that you are setting the
pointer-events property to all on the wrong element (try printing the
element you set the property on).  Also you might check that you aren't
manipulating the style in one case and the attribute in the other case.

> I do, however, need to remove the pointer event temporarily. Otherwise 
> the target will always be the draggable element on mouseup. This 
> me from determining the drop target, i.e. the underlying element.

    Sure, I've done similar things in the past, which is why I think
manipulating pointer events works...
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