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From Age Bosma <agebo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Unable to remove event listener
Date Fri, 27 Mar 2009 09:30:33 GMT
2009/3/10 Age Bosma <agebosma@gmail.com>:

> If I leave out the 'way point' movement bit (i.e. I move the line path
> begin point in accordance to the circle drag movement) in the code
> above I get the problem I mentioned above. I can not move the circle
> for a second time.
> However, if I do move the line along with the circle, I can drag the
> circle multiple times but the mouse down event only gets triggered
> again if the mouse is positioned (clicked) within the overlapping bit
> of the circle and the bbox of the path element :-S Thus not in any
> other part of the circle element. How can this be?

I've determined that the cause of this issue is the pointer event
changes on deviceElement. First setting it to none on mousedown and
setting it to all again on mouse up gives this problem. If I leave the
pointer event as is, all works like expected. I do, however, need to
remove the pointer event temporarily. Otherwise the target will always
be the draggable element on mouseup. This prevents me from determining
the drop target, i.e. the underlying element.

Any idea's on how to address this issue?


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