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From Jan Tošovský <j.tosov...@tiscali.cz>
Subject RE: Support for Adobe Pro opentype fonts
Date Sat, 18 Apr 2009 13:14:56 GMT
> ... Apache FOP should have
> support for these (maybe Jeremias can provide some input here). As the
> post is a few years old, I'm not sure if Batik already integrated that
> functionality and this may be as well be a bug in the OpenType support
> implementation and/or the font(s) may not conform to the OpenType
> specification...

I've found the following link, but it seems as not standard part of JVM and
I don't understand how such method could be utilized in my case:

> > WHY I can see in the Batik renderer output in case of
> > OTF any characters with this font applied? I would suppose 
> > either nothing or everything, nothing between...

> Humm, I guess this is the (font) fall-back mechanism kicking in: as no
> supported font is found for the rendering, the default one is used.

Ok. I remember batik.gvt.renderer.StrokingTextPainter code where the
appropriate font is selected to each character individually, not globaly to
whole string. This explains it a little. But my question pointed into the
fact how the non special glyphs are read from my peculiar font if createFont
function fails in my case. I suppose Batik uses different method for reading
font data. This method probably works for standard glyphs, but fails for the


PS: Thanks for your patience up to now. I know my problem can be worked
around by conversion font into TTF, but I try to leave here as much info as
possible for future reference if somebody would like to fix it somehow.

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