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From Jan Tošovský <j.tosov...@tiscali.cz>
Subject RE: xml:base
Date Wed, 22 Apr 2009 21:11:18 GMT
Dear Cameron,

> > Has anybody small piece of working code for dynamic creation of SVG 
> > with setting of xml:base?
> Attached is a test program that creates an SVG document and 
> sets an HTTP
> URL as the xml:base="" on the root <svg> element, so that an <image>
> element's relative URL is resolved against it.

many thanks, your code works fine! And I've found where the problem is. 

Till now I've though that image defined in place or using <defs> is
equivalent. The later one is my case and after small test I've realized this
statement is false. So problem is not setting xml:base, it was all the time
correct, but handling paths if external objects are specified in <defs>
section. Anybody can try to open enclosed image using Squiggle to prove it.
I suppose it is bug. Fortunately there is workaround.


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