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From Paul Wellner Bou <p...@purecodes.org>
Subject Strange entity behaviour: Omitting last character
Date Tue, 07 Apr 2009 11:55:12 GMT

again, I have a problem with the entities. I saw last time, that it is 
not possible to prevent entities from beeing replaced with their real value.

So why are single quotes ' within attributes replaced with their entity? 
Can I prevent them from beeing replaced?

And why is batik omitting the last character if it has to do something 
with entities? For example:

* If I try to set an attribute to &#xFC; (I did that before I knew that 
all entities are replaced every time), As result I get: &amp;#xFC. The & 
is replaced with it's entity, this is ok, but the semicolon disappeared.

* If I have single quotes in attribute values (Adobe Illustrator seems 
to do this writing the font names), those single quotes are replaced 
with their entity &apos; and the last character of the string within the 
  single quotes disappears:

	Original: font-family="'ArialNarrow-Bold'"
	Batik written: font-family="&apos;ArialNarrow-Bol&apos;"

I am using Batik-1.8pre. Is this a known bug?


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