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From thomas.dewe...@kodak.com
Subject Re: Special Printing Problem....
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2009 13:44:31 GMT
Hi Kerschbaum,

"Kerschbaum Michael " <m.kerschbaum@pke.at> wrote on 04/15/2009 04:36:26 

> When the svg contains a stylesheet with fill-opacity or stroke-opacity
> javas printing with the java.awt.print.Printable is very very slow. The
> Printing process calls the interface method print about 50 Times befor
> the svg image has finished rendering. When i use the same svg without
> that opacity property in the stylesheets the print method is called only
> 3 Times and printing is much more faster... (70 Seconds vs. 20 Seconds
> on an A3 Color printer)

   Since most printer languages don't support transparency natively,
when you use that feature the Java engine needs to rasterize the document
and send it as a high resolution bitmap.  It does this in strips to avoid
excessive memory consumption (300*10*300*8.5*3 = ~23MB for US Letter).

> I dont't know why ?! Is there a better way to print the svg ? I mean i
> tried this one as well but the output is not nice because of the size of
> the image and the A3 Sheet...

   I don't think there is a better way unless you can afford to create
a high resolution image.

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