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From thomas.dewe...@kodak.com
Subject Re: Several GraphicsNode instances per Element??
Date Mon, 13 Apr 2009 10:33:15 GMT
Hi Romain,

Romain CATTEAU <romain.catteau@gmail.com> wrote on 04/10/2009 09:12:26 AM:

> In that picture, you can notice a floodgate symbol in the background (it
> appears in black). We have added some SVG content to show that the 
> is opened. That additional content is made up of a :
> - a red triangle (path element),
> - a text : "17.1 0". That text is made up 2 text spans : "17.1" and "0".
> We then try to hide the text span "17.1" by setting the value of its 
> element to none. We also modify the dx attribute so as to center the 
> "0"

> As you can see, the behavior is a little bit strange. What we see is a
> combination of the target view "0" in the center and of the previous 
> ("17.1 O").

   I've never seen this sort of behavior before.

> However, the SVGDocument seems to be correct. We write the content of 
> SVGDocument to a SVG file each time a modification is performed. Here is 
> corresponding part of the SVG file :

   There is something a little odd, both of the tspan's 
have display="none".  How are you saving your document?

> <g id="TMa255a744-0b63-42aa-abf9-4c6823ecc28a">
> <g id="TM59" transform="translate(427.53 ,208.3) rotate(0)">
> <path fill="rgb(160,0,0)" stroke-width="0.2" d="M-5.5,-3 L5.5,-3 L5.5,3 
> stroke="rgb(160,0,0)"/>
> <text style="text-anchor: middle; font-size: 3.3; fill: rgb(160,0,0)"
> id="TMTEXT59" transform="translate(0,11.0) scale(1,-1)">
> <tspan display="none">17.1</tspan>
> <tspan dx="0" display="none">O</tspan>
> </text>
> </g>
> </g>
> Moreover, everything's ok when we load the document in squiggle
> http://www.nabble.com/file/p22987781/SQUIGGLE_VIEW.png SQUIGGLE_VIEW.png 

    This isn't necessarily a good test because improperly set attributes
can be 'fixed' by round tripping through a file (particularly namespace

> Everything happens as if there were several GraphicsNode instances for 
> text Element the id of which id "TMTEXT59"
> In fact, we can detect events for each element. We can click on the text
> element corresponding to the "previous view" ("17.1 O") and we can also
> click on the text element corresponding to the target view ("0"). In 
> cases, the id of the Element is the same : "TMTEXT59".

   Is the Element the same?  I.E. if you print the Object you get is the
object 'pointer' the same in both cases?

> Has somebody ever met such a strange situation? 

   My suspicion is that your update code is somehow creating multiple 
instances of the text element.  Can you create a standalone test case?
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