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From "HODAC, Olivier" <OLIVIER.HO...@airbus.com>
Subject transform attribute marshaller
Date Wed, 02 Sep 2009 14:04:16 GMT

I am totally newby with batik and I am wondering if I am thinking right.
I have seen that there is some parsers that are used with handlers. Butr
here is my requirement:

I want to change dynamically in java the position and some attributes of
my initial svg file. I am focussing for the moment on the transform
attribute (to move and rescale my object) and the fill attr ( to change
the color)

I am doing the following. You can see that I have to create the whole
transform value string each time (I could have used the format method,
by the way) by hand
Is there a way to do that with some ready to use classes (ex:
TransformableElement.setTransform(X_POS, value)) ?

	protected void setSize(double d) {
		getElt().setAttributeNS(null, "transform", "matrix("+d+"
0 0 "+d+" 243.3438 143.687)");

ew Runnable() {
			public void run() {

Olivier Dao Ho Dac
Flight Test Software Architect
Airbus France - EVIDA

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