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From thomas.dewe...@kodak.com
Subject Re: Different behaviour of SVGGraphics2D with same program on similar machines
Date Wed, 09 Sep 2009 09:50:37 GMT
Hi Oroadfc,

oroadfc <oroadfc@hotmail.com> wrote on 09/08/2009 05:10:51 PM:

> I'm using batik's SVGGraphics2D class to produce a svg screen capture of 
> java app on one machine (standard win xp box) and it produces a svg file
> full of vectors as hoped...
> But try the same program, same batik version, same java version (1.6) on 
> home machine (standard win xp box again) and it outputs one big bitmap 
> to the svg file...

   Typically if you get a bitmap blob that means that you are 'recording'
Swing's offscreen bitmap cache.  You can turn that off in Swing 
(JComponent.setDoubleBuffered).  I think there is some sort of
heuristic around when/if Swing decides to use double buffering.

   I'd also suggest you use batik.svggen.SwingSVGPrettyPrint to do this
since it will take care of issues like the above for you.

> both the graphics cards are nvidia's, the java versions are both 
> identical batik libraries, identical programs.

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