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From Jan Tošovský <j.tosov...@tiscali.cz>
Subject Rendering precision
Date Thu, 04 Feb 2010 20:37:52 GMT
Hello Everyone,

I've tried to render my svg graphics using PNG transcoder and I've found my
circles quite deformed in the result - they look rather like rounded
triangles, see the attachment (cropped, but not resized).

My svg content is calculated so all coords are quite strange:
viewBox="0 0 421.49828125 244.84213815789474"

each circle is defined like this one:
<svg:circle cx="35.313593749999995" cy="46.136875" r="2.5"
fill="rgb(77,170,0)" stroke="white"

I think I can avoid this using the bigger size of my SVG graphics, but I am
reporting this to be sure there is no fault from my side (e.g. some global
parameter which sets the precision). I hope it is not a mirage.


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