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From IsmAvatar <ismava...@gmail.com>
Subject Rasterizing produces 2 empty IDAT chunks
Date Tue, 18 May 2010 15:52:58 GMT
I guess this is a Bug Report

The subject pretty much explains it all. Using Sun JDK 6u20, and batik
checked out from the SVN repository, I use Rasterizer (actually
RasterizerTask, but it calls Rasterizer, and I could reproduce it with
Rasterizer if desired) on an SVG to generate a PNG. The PNG has 2 additional
empty IDAT chunks immediately prior to the IEND chunk. These chunks cause
the PNG to be erroneous (and thus not display) in certain programs, such as
IE7, as well as Java programs that try to display the image (especially, as
is my case, if attempting to use it as a Splash Screen).

A sample SVG which may be used to reproduce this problem:


Please do let me know if/when this has been fixed. I use RasterizerTask to
automate the creation of my splash screen for my program while the program
is being compiled and built for release, and since Batik's been generating
these two extra IDAT chunks, my program runs without a splash screen.

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