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From "Johan Stuyts" <j.stu...@javathinker.com>
Subject Re: How can I change the color model of an SVG image from RGB to CMYK and vice versa?
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2010 07:56:55 GMT
> Is there a simple, and foolproof way of doing the conversion?

The short answer: no.

Any kind of value is useless without the correct unit (in this case: color  
spaces). There are many CMYK and RGB spaces and unless you know what your  
source and target spaces are, you don't know what color is actually  
intended, and the only thing you can do is guess. And that is what you are  
doing now.

To resolve the situation you have to:
- Ask the designer which CMYK color space is used for the source files. If  
they can't tell you, they don't know what color they want.
- Create an RGB color profile for your printer/product. In your case I  
guess this could be quite difficult because you don't print on paper. You  
can use sRGB if you can't create a color profile, but I expect that this  
doesn't come close to the color profile of your final product.
- Send your RGB color profile to the designer, so they can check that the  
CMYK colors they choose can actually be reproduced on your printer.
- The designer must decide which rendering intent you must use to convert  
the CMYK colors to the RGB colors of your printer. This can differ per  
file ('saturation' is typically used for logos, while 'relative  
colorimetric' is common for pictures).
- Convert the CMYK colors in the files you receive to RGB colors using the  
rendering intent specified by the designer before you print them.

It is a lot of work, but it will save you and the designers a lot of  
hassle once it has been set up.



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