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From Jyoti Gandhe <Jyoti.Gan...@mathworks.com>
Subject Batik and Rhino
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2011 21:05:11 GMT
Hi Batik user group, 

I am using Batik for rendering SVG in my java application. The SVG is interactive and responds
to mouse events. I have programmed mouse listeners in JavaScript using Rhino) to execute .
I am using JavaScript for listener code instead of Java so that I can reuse the SVG file in
an HTML page without having to rewrite anything. My SVG files looks like - 

<svg onload="init(evt)">

    		var svgDocument;
   		function init(evt) {
        		svgDocument = evt.target.ownerDocument;



I have a few questions about using JavaScript with Batik - 

1. My JavaScript code declares functions. Is it possible to invoke JavaScript functions from
my java class? For instance, can I invoke the function 'init' from a Java class.

2. Occasionally, I need to pass data from my JavaScript functions to my java class. Is it
possible to invoke methods of my Java object from my JavaScript?

3. I have a version of my application that uses java for mouse listeners. It is much faster
than the JavaScript prototype. I suspect performance issues with Rhino. Are there tips and
tricks to improve performance when using Rhino and batik together. 

4. I understand that Rhino ships with JDK 6 as the default JavaScript execution engine for
javax.Script . Is it possible to use the Rhino that ships with JDK instead of js.jar that
ships with Batik.

5. Is it common to use Batik + Rhino for creating interactive SVG in a java application. If
so, can you share your experience with me. Are there any tutorials or sample application I
can look at for help. 


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