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From ZDENĚK DVOŘÁK <z...@post.cz>
Subject Problems with WMFTranscoder ( WMF ---> SVG )
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2011 18:46:43 GMT

my name is Zdenek Dvorak and I would like to use BATIK libraries in my image format converter.
I am especially interested in conversion from vector graphics format WMF ( Windows Metafile
into SVG graphics format. I am using class WMFTranscoder from BATIK library for the conversion
from the WMF into SVG.
For some WMF images ths works seemlessly, but when WMF image is generated by XML web service
running on 
Microsoft .NET Framework ( application written in C# ), then BATIK library suddenly fails.

The resulted SVG image is generated, but this SVG file contains only two elements and this
is wrong.
But no exception occured during the conversion.
I am sending you an example of Microsoft .NET generated WMF image file as input into my image
format converter and 
the resulted wrong SVG image file as an output from the image format converter in the attachment.
I have tryed another Java libraries for conversion of WMF graphics formats into the SVG formats

and EOFException was raised in input stream when reading this image file GVT.WMF.

And now I am trying to identify the root cause of wrongly generated SVG image file by WMFTranscoder:
1. Is something wrong with the image file GVT.WMF ? Is this file somewhow corrupted ?
    All image viewers I have used, display this file correctly without any error or warning.
2. Is the image file GVT.WMF in different version of WMF format than BATIC suppose to be or
3. Is something wrong with BATIK library ?

My operating system is Windows XP / Vista
I am using JDK version 1.6.0_23

Please, what is Your opinion ?
How to fix this problem ?

Thank a lot for your help to me.
Thanks for Your early answer.

best regards
Zdenek Dvorak
E:Mail: zddv@post.cz

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