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From Juergen Key <j...@netsys-it.de>
Subject rasterizer question
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2011 11:40:47 GMT
Hi all,

i have a question concerning rasterizing svg documents. i tried to do so
from within a java application im currently writing. but after days of
fruitless efforts i tried to rasterize the document with the

But the problem persisted event then. 

The output from the renderer (rasterizer) is not what i see inside the
application i drew the image with (inkscape). In short - i have a very
wide graphics element (wider than the document). This element is masked
and translated. The rasterizer seems to add a mask of its own that is
around 35 pixels larger on either of the four sides. I added the svg for
reference and the rendered png.

Could you point out to me please why what appears to me to be an
additional mask is added, how i can suppress this additional mask and if
that is not possible what to do to get the rendering right?

Best regards,

Juergen Key

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