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From Henryk Hecht ...@hhecht.e4ward.com>
Subject Re: text-anchor: middle bug?
Date Sun, 12 Jun 2011 19:55:44 GMT
Helder Magalhães wrote:

> Humm... Could this be the same as bug 49736 [1]? The whitespace
> removal workaround should help confirming it.

I initially thought not, since my tspans had no trailing whitespace, but 
comment #3 of 49736 mentioned a case in which deletion of whitespace 
between the text and tspan elements solved the problem, and that worked in 
my case, as well.  Actually, I only needed to delete the whitespace 
between the two tspan elements within the text element.  It is possible 
that his bug (and mine) differ from that of the reporter-I am not sure.

I find it interesting that this occurs with 1.6 JVMs on both Linux and 
Windows (for me, anyway), but not with 1.5, and that I only experience the 
bug if I use the font elsewhere first.  I thought perhaps the difference 
might have something to do with AWT or collections, but based on the 
whitespace-removal trick, maybe there is a difference in XML parsing?  It 
is hard for me to know where to look, as I've no idea what Batik is doing 
here (or anywhere, really), and it isn't straightforward to compare data 
structures that can't live in the same JVM.

I guess I will add my information to the bug report, if no one has a 
better idea.  At the least, I now have a workaround-thank you for the 


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