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From DeWeese Thomas <thomas.dewe...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Apache batik memory issues
Date Sat, 12 May 2012 17:17:04 GMT
Hi Hilbert,

	How are you measuring how much memory you are using after step 4?  If you are just looking
at process size that can
be very misleading since typically the JVM will grow and even if the JVM has freed most of
the memory it will hold onto the
larger memory block, partially since it may be fragmented and partially since it may need
the memory again shortly.

	There are caches in Batik for documents and images and other assets but unless you have a
lot of large images it
is unlikely they would reach 1Gb.  Filter effects may also cache some intermediate results
but typically those will be cleaned 
when the filter is disposed of (which given the lazy nature of the JVM may not happen for
a while).  A general outline of the
features you are using from SVG might help identify areas that might be responsible for the
memory bloat.

	Which by the way raises the other issue are you forcing a GC?  If not lots of currently unused
stuff will hang out until the
memory is needed for something else.  Finally remember that just calling for a single GC doesn't
typically do much to clear out memory.


On May 11, 2012, at 8:39 AM, Hilbert Mostert wrote:

> Recently I have started using Apache Batik to create PDF files from SVG templates. The
application is used to generate exam pages for students. It works great but it uses a huge
amount of memory. This is sometimes annoying because i have to increase the memory limit to
over 4Gb to have it complete the task. There are in general lots of students (500+) and in
one case 2000+ students. This will, of course, eat memory like an elephant I accept that.
> I want to reduce this memory footprint and have found one issue in my program where I
need help with.
> I am using the Java JRE 1.6.0_32, Batik 1.7 and PDFBox 1.6.0.
> The program has the following flow:
> 1.    fetch students from source (Excel file)
> 2.    create workers to generate pdf from svg
> 3.    while not all students have been processed do
> 3.1      replace information in svg document ( using w3c functions from Document class
 ) (this is done by worker)
> 3.2      generate PDF from svg document (Using PDFTranscoder)
> 3.3      check if there are more students; true: goto 3.1; false: continue with step
> 4.   clean up workers
> 5.   generate single pdf from all generated pdfs using PDFBox
> 6.   done
> It is a multi threaded environment and all the workers are in their own thread, each
worker has a copy of the svg document, they dont share anything (for obvious reasons).
> What I have found  is what comes after step 4, after cleaning up the workers I am still
using 1Gb of memory which is much more than when I start (around 128Mb). I suspect there is
some caching here and there but I have not enough knowledge from batik to fix this problem.
> Who can help me or has the answer for me?
> Thanks in advance,
> Hilbert Mostert
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