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From Michael Ford <mike.f...@spidasoftware.com>
Subject JSVGCanvas setSVGDocument doesn't load scripts... but setURI does?
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2012 14:54:16 GMT
I am generating this simple SVG document in code, with some basic onClick() scripting logic.
When I call setSVGDocument with the document I have created,  the visuals load fine but when
I click on anything I get an "Unknown Language: text/ecmascript" error.

If I take this exact same SVGDocument, output it to a file, and then load it into the canvas
using setURI, the scripts execute without error.

I I am not attempting to edit the SVGDocument from my java code after it is loaded, only through
the javascript. JSVGCanvas.ALWAYS_DYNAMIC is set before I start loading.

I am using the Batik 1.7 release and Rhino 1.7RC2, also on maven.  JDK 1.6 on OS X.

I have included the image I am trying to load.

I can obviously do the simple input handling I need to in java, but I was hoping to make the
SVG aspect of this application reusable in our web apps directly.


-Michael Ford

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